Bitcoin is about to form a death cross

Bitcoin is about to form a death cross

In a recent development, Bitcoin (BTC) has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency space as it moves towards a worrying market pattern: the Death cross. Analyst Benjamin Cowen shared his insights on this model.

Death cross, a market chart pattern indicating price weakness, occurs when a short-term moving average falls below a long-term moving average.

Specifically, Cowen emphasized that historically, Bitcoin has typically rallied as it approached the death cross, and was followed by declines marked by lower highs.

Cowen explains that these market indicators, especially the 50-day and 200-day moving averages, are lagging patterns.

Short-term moving average falls below Bitcoin price's long-term moving average - Source Benjamin Cowen
Short-term moving average falls below Bitcoin price’s long-term moving average – Source: Benjamin Cowen

This lag often leads to price increases before the death cross and declines after the golden cross, creating an “unpredictable” cycle in the cryptocurrency market.

Notably, BTC’s recent rally, while looking promising, resulted in lower highs, reinforcing Cowen’s analysis of the current downtrend.

As traders and enthusiasts closely monitor BTC movements, Cowen’s insights provide valuable perspectives on current market speculation.

This analysis by Cowen highlights the complex interaction between market indicators and investor behavior in the cryptocurrency sector. As BTC enters this critical phase, it continues to attract global attention as a barometer of growing momentum in the digital asset space.

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